Health Care Staffing Agencies Add Value in Promoting Medical Assistant Careers

Whether you’re a seasoned health care professional, or just embarking on a new career, staffing agencies may be a viable solution for finding the career of your dreams. Staffing agencies can provide reliable solutions for both employers and job seekers who are looking to break into the medical assisting field. Employers are able to find a pool of experienced job seekers, while applicants can benefit by finding placement in well-respected facilities.

Health Care Staffing Agency Benefits

There are other excellent benefits associated with a staffing agency affiliation. Often, professionals in the field and medical assisting program graduates can find permanent, temporary, short-term and long-term positions in private or public organizations. These venues include, but are not limited to, health care centers, home healthcare agencies, nursing homes and more. Both domestic and international candidates may also benefit by the placement services of a competitive staffing agency.

Medical jobs for qualified medical assistants may include such benefits as short-term disability insurance, professional or paid housing allowances, 401(k) retirement savings plan, travel allowances, health care and dental insurance, and in some instances a continuing education program. However, benefits will vary from employer to employer. For the individual, finding a job or career is quite often the result of an individual’s own hard work, personal experience, work attitude and local labor market conditions.

Health Care Staffing Agencies Provide Needed Employment Solutions

To deliver needed industry recruitment solutions, staffing agencies maintain a staff of skilled professionals adept in recruiting procedures, which include sourcing candidates, and initial employee assessment and interviewing. They are skilled in knowing and matching a candidate’s qualifications with the requirements of a job position.

As a direct result of having an outside agency source out candidates, employers can save time and money by eliminating monotonous and expensive recruiting efforts. This can help a medical facility reduce bottom line expenditures.

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